Will I be placed at a Fortune 500 company?

Probably not! Fortune 500 is a ranking of US companies. The largest Indian companies like Tata, Arcelor-Mittal, Infosys, etc. will therefore not be in the Fortune 500. We place based on a number of different factors, taking into account your skills, interests, and qualifications, the requirements of the company, and available slots. Our placements range from Deloitte and UBS to boutique consultancies and NGOs. Most of our placements are with multi-national companies, and several of our interns have received job offers for positions outside of India within their internship corporate group. One word to the wise: Our experience has been that smaller organisations provide more scope for “hands on” learning, as you get to work with founders and principals as opposed to junior managers. Regardless, we’ll email you a list of which companies have indicated interest in your profile before we ask you for a deposit, so you will have a good idea of what kind of roles are available.