Why India?

India is one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing economies. With English as the language of business, India boasts both, thousands of years of cultural heritage, and a modern, accessible economy. Living in India is incredibly exciting; at times will be loud, dirty, and in-your-face, but it’s this dynamism, energy, and rapidly changing society that makes India super fun.

“Experience in emerging markets will be increasingly valuable moving forward…take advantage of opportunities to learn and work in these countries”

India is the economy of the future, with a labor force soon to pass that of China in size and in skills and sophistication. Pretty much anything you crave from the West is available in today’s India, but more interestingly, there is so much more to India than we encounter in the West, from subtle regional cuisines to exotic textiles to relatively undiscovered and unspoiled ancient sites. India is the home of adventure, and working in India is the best way to get comfortable with the culture so that you can be safe and knowledgeable to explore it on your own.

ConnectInc’s India work-adventures are primarily intended for people from outside of India to experience India’s vibrant and incredible culture, and gain a deep engagement with India’s business community for the first time, in a structured and exciting way.


We’ve placed interns from all over the world, including Japan, Germany, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France and even Tanzania. Many of our interns have been 2nd or 3rd generation US or UK citizens of Indian origin who have perhaps visited India but never worked there, and who wanted a different experience than spending time with relatives.

Another large portion of our interns has been students and recent graduates of non-Indian origin who wanted to discover India and put a valuable work experience in Asia on their resume, but preferred not to travel to India on a wing and a prayer.

intern at office
For both groups, our service, where we arrange the placement from overseas, organize safe and comfortable housing, provide local orientation, and provide support while in India, has been a great way to handle the intensity of India. Several of our interns have told us that their parents were really worried about their travelling to India, and we’ve been happy to provide a measure of structure and assurance. With ConnectInc, you’re not flying in to volunteer at some random organization, and our teams in the US, UK, Canada, etc. are always available to get in touch.



Note: If you are an Indian citizen looking for internships in India, we can probably assist you through our partners. However, our service is mainly for non-Indians looking to explore India and gain work experience with our support.