Why are India internships unpaid?

Placements arranged by ConnectInc are on an unpaid basis.

Our NGO partners typically rely on volunteer work to stretch their fund raising farther.

Our for-profit partners are typically prohibited from employing foreign nationals unless foreigners make up <1% of their workforce (i.e. must have over 100 Indian employees to hire a foreigner) and the foreigner was paid a “reasonable” salary, e.g. US$25,000. This is about 4 times the average Indian white collar worker starting salary, and much more than a firm is willing to invest in an intern.

While you won’t get paid, you’ll benefit tremendously from your India experience:

  • Employability – you’ll have demonstrated professional experience and project delivery on your CV when you hit the job market
  • Job offers – many of our internships turn into full-time job offers, either with the local office in India or with a foreign branch of multinationals
  • Networking – you’ll meet and connect with working professionals that you would never have encountered in other settings
  • Developing world experience – India is the economy of the future, and the best firms are most interested in people who can work in global contexts, especially India

Note: You will need an employment visa (which we will help you get), even though the internship is unpaid.