What should I expect during the placement interview?

As part of placement, ConnectInc will arrange telephone or Skype interviews with your prospective manager, before you come to India. These interviews are your opportunity to:

  • Sell yourself! These are real job interviews and we expect you to show that you are a good candidate for the internship on offer, with some skills and knowledge specific to your target sector
  • Get detailed information about role and expectations, i.e. what you are likely to be doing in India
  • Determine if the particular placement is a good fit for your career objectives.

Our partners are high quality organizations and their managers are selective; we will arrange alternate interviews if things don’t work out, but you should be prepared to showcase your skills and talents.

The best way to get good at something is practice. Look at the placement interview as practice for future interviews, and approach it like a professional. This means that, prior to the interview, you should:

  • Check out the organization’s website (we’ll send you the URL in advance) and read up on their core business activities
  • Be ready to answer the following 5 standard interview questions:
    1. Why do you want to do an internship in India?
    2. What skills and talents do you have that might qualify you for an internship at our organization?
    3. What are your long-term career interests and passions?
    4. What are the types of tasks or problems that interest you?
    5. What do you hope to learn from an internship with us?
  • Also be ready to ask questions about the role. Here are some sample questions:
    1. Can you describe a typical workday in your office?
    2. What is the profile of a typical entry level hire at your firm?
    3. What projects or type of activities can I expect to work on during the internship?
    4. Can you tell me a little bit about your career and how you came to your current role?
    5. Is there anything specific I should know about the location where I’ll be placed, for example, is it a large facility, what do most people do for lunch, how do most people get to work, etc.

Above all, please be polite, interested, and curious. The interview is your introduction to your potential host organization and first impressions count!

Over the course of your internship, your supervisor will be making a big investment in your training and professional development, and there are a lot of other things they could be choosing to do with their time, so use this interview time to ensure that the internship is one you want, and one where they want you.