What Should I Pack?

So, you have your internship placement, your visa and your flight booked!  Now the thing on your mind is what in the heck should I pack!?  India is a whole new world and packing for such an adventure can be daunting so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you along.

Modest Clothing~ India is a reserved country so bringing shirts that cover your shoulders and cleavage during the day are definitely a must.  I usually make a rule of not showing anything above the knee, so leggings, jeans and capris are staples in my daily wardrobe.  However, sun dresses are acceptable as long as they aren’t too short, don’t fret though nightlife in the big cities are typically western attire.  Feel free to bring and wear those cute dresses and tops for when you go out, many women also wear heels during their evening outings so bring a pair if you like.  Remember clothes in India are cheap, colorful and comfortable so definitely expect to buy clothes while you’re here.  India is a warm country so bring light and airy clothes, although it can get a bit chilly at night sometimes so packing one warm outfit is recommended.

Shoes~ Sandals will be your lifeblood, but bring a pair of tennis shoes for traveling or long walks around the city.  For men in the office a nice pair of close toed loafers are the norm.

Travel Insurance~ Many of our interns come without purchasing travel insurance, however this is a personal choice either way and we encourage you to look into it and make the decision that best suits your needs and comfort.


Medicines~ We include a small medicals kit in your orientation, but the brands you are used to are not readily available in India.  On my first trip here I packed a small pouch with all my favorite painkillers, antacids and cold medications, just the essentials.  Now no need to run to Walgreens and buy the entire store, medicines in India are cheap and effective, bringing your own is more for peace of mind.  Keeping a travel pack of wet wipes with you comes in very handy.  When out and about you never know what kind of restroom you will find so having the wipes as a backup is convenient.  Ladies, for hygiene needs I definitely encourage you to bring enough for your entire trip.  Indian products work and are effective however the brands you’re use to won’t be available here and coming from a comfort stance it will be worth the suitcase space.

Backpack~ Having a backpack to carry around with you while walking around town is so convenient.  Having something to put a bottle of water in, small purchases and other odds and ends will prove essential.  Also we encourage you to use your weekends here to travel and see as much of India as you can, so it’s nice having the backpack for packing for a weekend away.

Travel Guide~ We are here to answer any and all questions you may have but purchasing a travel guide so you can research on your own what places you may like to visit is handy.

Earplugs~ India has two volumes, loud and louder.  Trust, you can thank me later.


Cell Phone~ If you do not have an unlocked cell phone and no international plan your phone will only be useful around WiFi.  Don’t worry we supply a phone with an India SIM card so you will have access to one to make calls and texts.  But I highly recommend that on your phone you download as much music and as many podcasts as possible.  Internet is sparse and somewhat spotty so to have entertainment downloaded is a big help, especially while traveling or commuting.  We also recommend that you write down important contact numbers in case you break your phone (I have absolutely never done this).  This way you can ask to use someone’s phone to contact us and we can help to remedy the situation.

Battery Pack~ Having an external battery is extremely helpful as power outages are regular.  Most businesses will have power backups and generators but if you’re stuck on a bus, train or cab having the battery pack could be a life saver.

Adaptors~ Power adaptors are a definite must.  We will equip you with one however it is nice to have multiples so you can charge many items at once.



Don’t bring expensive jewelry, it is just one more thing for you to worry about and it isn’t necessary.

Don’t bring unnecessary electronics, camera, phone and laptop is all you will really need.

Don’t pack too many toiletries, just bring your favorites.

Don’t pack too many clothes, take advantage of the great shopping and buy half your wardrobe here.

Don’t bring lots of cash.  You can bring some and exchange it at the airport, that way you have cash right away, but cash exchange is expensive.  There are plenty of ATM’s and those usually offer better rates then exchanging so we recommend not bringing a ton of cash with you.

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I hope this was a helpful aid in your packing endeavor.  Of course as always if you have more questions please email your ConnectInc contact and we will get you sorted.