What kind of mentoring will I get?

All of our internships have a supervision and mentoring plan, coordinated directly with your manager at the Indian placement. Part of the reason why we require a phone or Skype interview prior to placement is to not only ensure that you’re comfortable, but also to ensure that your manager sets appropriate expectations for what you will get out of your career experience.

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On completion of your internship, you should have a direct, career-transforming placement on your resume, in which you clearly describe your role, your responsibilities, and your specific and individual contribution to the success of the Indian organisation. The purpose of this is to give your career a boost by making you exponentially more employable, to ensure that you have the high-quality experience we aim for, and, also to deliver the appropriate value to both you and the employer. In many cases, our internships are eligible for college credit, for example, as part of a work-study abroad component or a practicum. Please check with your academic supervisor for what information you need from us to arrange credit.

While housing (for 6, 8, or 12 weeks!) makes up the main portion of the internship cost, your fee to ConnectInc also covers the groundwork we’ve put in to ensure that you have a structured, high-quality experience in a reputable, professional, and English-speaking organization. We monitor your internship both in our host cities and from our worldwide offices throughout your stay in India; our past interns report having a great experience which can turn directly into paid employment both in India and abroad.