Bangalore, or Bengaluru among Kannada speakers, is a sleepy South Indian village that got hit with the Silicon Valley stick! Now a city of 8.5+ million people, Bangalore has outgrown its infrastructure and gained a cosmpolitan vibe without losing its warm and laid-back Southern spirit.

Modern Bangalore is India’s Startup Central and IT hub, with hundreds of small to medium to large IT companies (as in Facebook, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel and Indian versions like Ola, Flipkart, Wipro, Infosys…)  In the last 5 years, Bangalore has also become a hub for a micro-brew culture, with gastro-pubs and resto-bars like Toit, Communiti, The Biere Club, and Arbor popping up all over the city centre as well as Indiranagar, Bangalore’s happening night spot district. Yet look beyond the glass office towers and you can find real charm – each city block will have a heritage bungalow tucked away in mild disrepair and at least one dosa stand to break up the IT-scape, as well as a famous Botanic Garden and interesting palaces.

Known for its legendary traffic and pleasant climate, Bangalore is also strategically located in the centre of the South of the country, with easy access to Mysore, Pondicherry, the Hill Stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal, an easy train or bus ride to Chennai (Madras), and excellent flight connections to Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, and international ports. In summer, days are warm and morning and evenings pleasant, and the centre of town is surprisingly walkable for an Indian city – in fact, it’s often easier to hoof it than to bother with Uber or an auto-rickshaw, as Church St to Brigade Rd to Lavalle Rd in the heart of town has enough book stores, cafes, restaurants, pubs, movie houses, boutiques, and more to keep one occupied for months. Bangalore is a unique mix in India of a functioning world city with great night life and lots of continental dining for homesick travelers wrapped around a core that’s distinctly Indian, from MTR rasam powder to one of the largest Shiva temples in the world.

Weekends go by quickly, with lots of parks and temples in the city as well as interesting getaways to nearby attractions like the Nandi hills, historic Chamundi, or slightly longer trips to Hampi or Bandipur Nature Reserve. And you can always ask the ConnectInc team for suggestions based on your preferences at any time.

Between the Queen-of-the-South Chennai on the East Coast and Maximum City Mumbai in the West, Bangalore is a cool modern oasis in the central Karnataka plateau, a place sure to make a lasting impression.