Internships in Asia – October 2016 Newsletter

The world continues to watch the ever entertaining American presidential election. As the election nears an end both candidates are using whatever is left if their arsenal of influence to disrepute the other. In only a few short weeks we will be taken off the edge of our seats and finally learn the ever so much anticipated result. Regardless of who wins, always remember, Trump loves Hindu.
In a major damage control exercise Pakistani army officials flew international and local journalists out to the Line of Control (LoC) to prove India didn’t conduct any surgical strike across into Pakistan.

The Cubs are going to the World Series, this is not a drill, the 71 year drought is over! The Cubs smash through the Curse of the Billy Goat with a 5-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Two of the English Premiere League’s most notable teams are set to head off in the 4th round of the EFL Cup early next week. The Tottenham Hotspurs will travel to Liverpool, who have beaten them in 8 previous meetings. We’ll all be watching the match on the edge of our seats!

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India Top Rated for Generosity

As per the World Giving Index released by the Charity Aid Foundation India is in the top percent of generous people. It states that 401 million people helped a stranger, that more than 200 million have given monetary donations and 200 million more volunteered for a cause. “India has a fabulous tradition and culture of giving and it is great news that India is becoming more generous over time,” ~Meenakshi Batra, Chief Executive of Charity Aid Foundation India.

T-shirt Twitter War

This month actress Priyanka Chopra sported a t-shirt which has stirred up controversy on social media. The Conde Nast Traveller cover features the actress in the shirt with the worlds refugee, immigrant and outsider all of which are crossed out leaving only the world traveller. People hopped onto the internet to voice their opinions about the garment, some saying it is offensive and others feeling it portrayed an idealistic world. What are your thoughts?

Featured Placement – The Hive

The Hive is India’s largest collaborative work spaces, with 60,000 square feet of shared and privates offices and attached suites and residences. It’s an ecosystem designed to nurture and grow the next generation of business today. With multiple companies in one area, it’s a one stop shop for an internship, they have it all.

Dussehra: This major Hindu festival is celebrated on the tenth day of the Ashwin on the Hindu calendar. It is symbolic of the triumph of good over evil. There are several legends behind the festival, though they may be different in context the soul for all of them remains the same- good conquers evil.

A Restaurant spotlight this month is Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, affectionally known as the MTR. This iconic south Indian restaurant has been serving up authentic dishes sinces 1924. It is a must visit while in Bangalore, your taste buds will thank you.