2016 is drawing to a close, and what a year it has been!

We’ve seen the world taken over by everything from the death of a gorilla to Pokemon Go to the mannequin challenge. We’ve lost icons like Prince, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali and David Bowie. We crowded around television sets to cheer on the Rio Olympics and saw the Cubs win The World Series for the first time in over 100 years. We witnessed the United Kingdom leave the European Union and America elect an outsider as President. This has definitely been a year to remember (or one to forget).

The American Presidential election has been the talk of the town (a town of 7.4 billion) since November 8th. The highly controversial election ended with Donald Trump emerging as the winner. The unpopular choice of a long shot outsider has sent shockwaves around the world, leaving everyone feeling anywhere from curious, excited, terrified to numb. Only the coming weeks will tell what this choice means for America as well as the rest of the world come January 20th 2017. Or just come to India!

Clinton and Trump weren’t the only ones racing to the wire this November, the 32nd renewal of the Breeder’s Cup World Championships took place just days before the Presidential election. The prestigious two day event takes place on California’s famous Santa Anita track. Although there are well over 10 races on the card, there are two that stand out as the main attractions. Firstly the Juvenile which will preview the front runners for next years Kentucky Derby. Classic Empire won the mile long race, so look out for him next year! The second and biggest race of the event is the Classic. This race is for horses over the age of 3 and was won by Arrogate.

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November 9th 2016 marked the day that Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would cease to be legal tender in India. This radical decision came to fruition in a bid to stop counterfeiting of current bank notes that help to fund terrorism as well as crack down on black money (illegal or untaxed money). The move was described as an effort to reduce corruption, drug use and smuggling. The abrupt change left many Indians without any legal money in their possession over night. Long lines formed for weeks outside of banks and post offices were people could exchange their demonetised notes for legal tender. India has released new 2000 rupee notes as well as a new version of the 500 rupee note to take the place of the old notes.

India is a cash reliant economy, so this process has affected trade and commerce apart from hitting consumer demand. However, into December the strain on the people and businesses is beginning to lift as the new system has begun to take root.

Jayalalitha Jayaraman

The state of Tamil Nadu mourns as the news spreads that their beloved Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaraman passed away on December 5th. The actress turned politician will be deeply missed by her constituency and her country.

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