Is it guaranteed that I get a placement?


In any given year we’re usually able to place 90%+ of our candidates. Your chances of placement depend on the time of year, your preferences, other applicants, and how well you fit company requirements. For example, Finance firms in Mumbai typically look for MBA students as interns, so if you’re working on a Bachelor’s in Economics and you must have Mumbai, we may not be able to place you (although we have some great Finance options in other cities that would probably take you!)  So, an application does not guarantee you an internship, but chances are good.

Because you will be working for professional companies and well established NGOs, doing real work, and because there are a limited number of slots available for a given calendar period, your application will go through a process just like any other job application.

Our network of organizations expect professional, responsible candidates with some background in the field of interest, so that you can make a positive impact while in India. We pre-screen CVs against our network’s requirements, and then we propose matches. Your Indian manager will review your CV and if approved, schedule a phone or Skype interview.

We expect that you’re going to have a great internship or practicum in India, however, our long-term success also relies on us providing a good quality experience for our Indian partners, so you’ll have to bear with us if we can’t place you. Of course, if you’re not placed, there is no cost to you.

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