Internships in Asia – India Spring Edition 2016

A warm spring hello from sunny India! What did you do on your leap day? ConnectInc welcomed students from BPP University, London to internships at law partners in Bangalore, with some excursions to places like Hampi thrown in. Meanwhile, we’ve got our eyes glued firmly on the ICC T20 World Cup, whose Super 10 stage kicks off in India shortly.

We’ve also been happy to host staff from the Career Services Center of Claremont McKenna College at our Bangalore office this month, in preparation for California-to-India internships this summer.

CMC will no doubt enjoy our cleaner Bangalore, as Karnataka has banned plastic bags (and plastic packaging in all forms) for the sake of the environment, proving that India’s economic growth does not have to come at the cost of green-friendliness.

Stay ConnecTed News:

India Goes to the Polls!
This is your captain thinking It’s not just the USA that is having a big election campaign. While the rest of the world watches Hilary “feeling the Bern” and the desperate manuevers of the Stop Trump Cruz-ship,  five states (Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Puducherry) in India, containing 170 million people, will have their legislature elections between now and May 16th. Captain Vijaykanth of Tamil Nadu (in pic) and a host of even more colorful characters, including Mamata Banerjee, one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” will be contesting. Three cheers for India’s rude and vibrant democracy!

Bright Spot India
India’ continues its strong economic performance with the release of the latest budget. IMF Chief Christine Lagard stated that India had the “opportunity to become one of the world`s most dynamic economies“. Jai Hind! Christine Lagard and Narendra Modi


Featured Placement – Purple Turtles

Purple Turtles are looking for postgrad interns (or anyone who has completed design school) to work with Jenny Pinto, Jenny Pintotheir lighting designer, and undergrades in retail and marketing. Purple Turtles showcases Indian Lighting Designers, providing them a platform for their artistry. The Bangalore based store opened in 2009 when the need for an out-of-the-ordinary decorative destination in the city was recognised. Today, The Purple Turtles range has extended beyond lighting to unique and interesting furniture and home accents but the commitment to design and quality craftsmanship remain.

India Health News

Healthcare in Indian continues to be a sector of excellence, with a robust venture capital market and innovative culture. For example, Roundglass Partners, advised by our very own Dr. Marcus Ranney, has recently invested in fitness startup Gympik. If you’re curious what the perfect pitch deck looks like, read this article on LinkedIn by  the good Doctor.

nytimes graphicMeanwhile, to stay safe and healthy while traveling in foreign countries, here are some interesting tips courtesy of the New York Times: “Drink bottled water, take Pepto-Bismol preventively and avoid hungry lions.


Maha Shivaratri, Eclipses, and More
For those of you who know that every day is a festival in India, this Month we’ve celebrated “Maha Shivaratri“, or Shiva’s birthday. This year’s celebration of Shiva-by-night was a bit unusual, as it coincided with a solar eclipse. You can watch what it looked like here:

That’s all for now – join us in April for more Easter fun!