Work in incredible and historic India, with a professional internship in your career field. Safely experience India and enhance your resume. Placements across 20 sectors in our network of 120+ for-profits, NGOs, and universities, including Biocon, Investec, Eulogy!, Parinaam, The New Indian Express, Apollo Hospitals, Tata Group, Featherlite, HCL, and many more….

ConnectInc helps place you in  professional internships in your career interest, including visa facilitation, accommodation, local support, orientation, and events. You’ll be doing real work from day 1 (not photocopying) in the only English speaking BRIC economy. Safely experience culturally rich and dynamic India, the world’s most exciting developing country, with support from a team of locals and overseas professionals relocated to India. We’ll match you to an international experience that will enhance your resume and plug you directly into a career network upon graduation. Internship – 35-40 hours per week in an English speaking office of an Indian corporation or NGO, based on your career preferences, with projects worthy of your portfolio: Journalists will be writing bylines from day 1, architects drawing plans, lawyers working on cases, doctors doing rounds, etc.

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