India is calling! Intern today… one of the most dynamic (9%+ GDP growth per annum), exciting, and culturally rich countries in the world. India’s 6,000 year civilization has changed dramatically in the last few years. India is a key component of the BRICS countries, an economy that has gone from emerging to be the 10th largest economy in the world, or the 3rd largest by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Not only is India’s population predicted to pass China shortly, but India’s impact on the world is rapidly accelerating. From Bollywood to Jaguar-Land Rover, from Mars Missions to the head of Microsoft, understanding India will be a key skill of the global worker of the future. And India is tremendously fun, and much safer than its reputation would suggest.

Start an awesome India Work Adventure Experience…Today!

Since 2011, ConnectInc has placed hundreds of interns in challenging and career-developing placements in their target sectors. (We’ve also run lots of fun and exciting study tours, over the summer and as short-courses during Winter and Spring.)

ConnectInc has independently developed a network of more than 120 Indian universities, NGOs, and for-profit placement partners, across 20 focus areas, certified by ConnectInc for expertise, professionalism of experience (English speaking, clean & safe working conditions, capacity to supervise and mentor students, appropriate and impactful activities for students that address student’s focus areas and goals), and enjoyability (pleasant experience for students, with smooth onboarding and consistently positive feedback post-placement). We are proud that our partners request for more placements each year; organisations like The Indian Express (journalism), Eulogy! (marketing), EZ Vidya (education), and FundsIndia (finance) have had such good experiences with past placements (and vice versa) that they have asked us to waive telephone interviews between their staff and the prospective candidates, however, we have insisted that candidates discuss the programme with prospective local supervisors prior to leaving their home country.