How much money should I change at the airport? How much foreign money should I bring?

Don’t change any money at the airport! Typically the airport foreign exchange (Forex) rates and commissions are much worse than what you’ll get in-town or at an ATM.

ConnectInc recommends bringing a minimum of foreign currency, for example, Euros 100, GBP100, or US$200.  You’ll need enough to exchange in an emergency, and to get you home from the airport once you’ve flown back home, but otherwise, you should just use credit cards for big bills and take money out of bank ATM machines.

Just look for an ATM with the Plus or VISA logo (or whatever logo matches what’s on your card). Typically you’ll want to go to a “foreign” bank like HSBC, Citibank, or a private bank like HDFC or Axis bank, as some Indian domestic bank (First bank of Punjab anyone?) ATM machines may not accept your card.

Most people don’t take dollars, pounds, or Euros. The people in India who will take payment in foreign currency are typically ripping you off, from travel agents to rug shops. Getting rupees is easy. If you need some walking around cash, just call us and we’ll help you.

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