We get many enquiries from interns asking about visiting Kerala. Vinay Vimalan, head of our great partner team at Capital Placement, is a Kerala native.  We’ve found his recommendations to be a great itinerary, and well worth 3 days.

Day 1- Kochi– Check out the Fort Kochi area where you will see the Bolgatti Palace and the famous Chinese fishing nets. In the evening, you can check out Lulu Mall- it was the biggest mall in India at one point.

Day 2- Munnar– it is about 2 hours drive from  Kochi and you will get to see some of the greatest views of tea plantations from there. Don’t forget to stop along the way and try out the spicy sweet cord, green mangos andkerala nature wallpaper free download pineapple!

Day 3- Allappey– Take a day trip on the house boats. They will know that you are tourists and hike up the prices so be prepared to deploy your haggling skills! You should not pay more that 8000 rupees including tax for an air conditioned boat with 3 meals for both of you. On the houseboats, they will catch the fish fresh from the boat and cook it and serve it to you! You cannot get fresher food that that!

For a taxi, you can expect to pay 1,600 rupees for the cheapest AC car (Tata indica) this is not the most comfortable car so I would recommend upgrading.

kerala nature wallpaper downloadIf you choose to go ahead with Indica, you will get 150kms and driver included as part of the 1600 fees. For any additional kms, you will pay 11 rupees.

If you upgrade to a sedan, expect to pay roughly the same price but you will only get 100 kms included a day. and for each additional km, you will have to pay 12-13 rupees. On top of the hire fees, you will be expected to cover the cost of the drivers food and drinks and he will be expecting a tip of around 100-200 rupees at the end of the day.