8 Reasons To Intern Abroad This Summer

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Interning in the summer can often seem like an unnecessary chore that you need to do. You might have wanted to take that much needed break from university, spend quality time with friends and family or explore new places around the world.


However, that much needed work experience for which you’re planning to sacrifice your summer, can pave the way towards a rewarding professional career. We all know that the right internship can be a great way to gain real world experience, learn new skills and get an up-close look at how businesses function.


But, with opportunities less abundant than they were before, and the ever increasing demand for great internships, competition has become cut-throat and so has the selection criteria. Often, one is expected to have prior experience for an internship (go figure) and the list of qualifications can be endless.


As a result, you might often feel like your fate is resigned to boring internships that don’t offer much value beyond a certificate and a reference for your resume. When the time comes to leverage that internship and stand out from your peers, it falls short, because it didn’t really give you that hands on, real world experience that it was supposed to provide.


In contrast, an internship abroad offers the perfect balance of everything- valuable work experience, the fun summer break you were looking forward to, and most of all, international experience that employers are increasingly placing more value on.


With the entire world focused on emerging markets like India and China, it’s not hard to see why an internship there would instantly make you stand out. The fast paced, high growth environment in these countries, along with rapid sophistication and technological development, makes for an experience of a lifetime.


Here are 8 reasons to intern abroad this summer:

1. To make your resume stand out


An international internship makes you a better hire in the eyes of a prospective employer. It shows your ability to perform in a diversified environment with a different work experience.

According to a study by QS, six out of ten employers worldwide, would place extra value on an international student experience.

2. Experience different work cultures


Interning abroad gives you an insight into the work culture of other countries. You learn different values and approaches to work, in contrast to what you would see back home. This in turn gives you a better understanding of different problems that help make you a better problem-solver.

At the same time, it helps you become more of a team player and you learn to accept people from different backgrounds and cultures.

3. Develop your language & communication skills

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Living and working in another country, helps you develop your language skills and enables you to communicate better. Having to learn a new language quickly, develops your ability to learn and at the same time adds another language to your list of proficiencies.

Companies with a global outlook often look for such skills in a prospective hires, as it enables them to work different locations around the world regardless of any potential language barriers.

4. Develop an edge over your competition

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Working abroad makes you a better problem solver and increases your creative thinking. According to a TIME study, studying or working abroad helps make you a smarter person.

This is due to not only the exposure you get to different approaches to work, but also to the different types of thinking that comes along with it. You get to add new perspectives while solving problems that are different when compared to the ones you might find back home.

5. Build a global network


An internship abroad helps you build a global network of friends and connections. This comes in handy not just in your personal life but also as you further your professional career and explore new opportunities.

When looking for a job in the future, you may be able to leverage your network to land a job in the country of your choice. An international internship helps increase your exposure to potential opportunities in the future.

6. Learn to live independently


Working abroad, helps you reduce your dependencies on the conveniences you might already have. It helps you learn to adapt by pushing you out of your comfort zone.

By constantly challenging yourself, you improve consistently and strive to be the best version of yourself.

7. Experience life as a local


Interning abroad enables you to experience the culture and customs of a country first hand. It gives you a new perspective and a depth of understanding that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Most of all, in the time you spend there, you get to experience life as a local, making for an incredibly rich learning experience.

8. Explore new places

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Living in another country, allows you to explore it better than when on a vacation, making for an exciting experience. You get to discover new sights, learn the history of the place, and turn your internship into a special experience.

At the same time, you might get to visit other locales in proximity to the country you’re interning in, which would otherwise have not been possible.

Interning abroad can be the experience of a lifetime, especially if one is interning in a country like India.


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