7 Struggles Of Finding A Summer Internship

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With summer fast approaching, it’s that time of the year which has you scrambling to find an internship. Your parents are probably nagging you to get out of the house and get some real-world experience, while your university has probably put the fear of God in you for what might happen should you not do an internship before you apply for a job.


It’s that time of the year when you realise that there’s no escaping the ordeal and finally resign yourself to your fate- you’re going to have to buck up and find yourself a summer internship that will help build your career, or at least that’s what they say.


That however, is easier said than done. Most people who have searched for and landed internships will tell you that it’s definitely not even close to being easy.


Here are the worst struggles of finding a summer internship that people go through:

1. The search


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It all begins with the endless searches on Google for the perfect internship that matches all your criteria. As the hours go by and your patience wears thin, you start to realise that maybe, the perfect internship doesn’t exist.

It’s no longer about finding the perfect internship, it’s now about finding one that’s available. You will scour every corner of the internet and at the end of it all, be left with just a handful to show for all your work.

2. The list of qualifications


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Just as you’re about to breathe a sigh of relief having found a few internships that you can apply to, you read the list of qualifications that come with them.

Some of them require prior experience (yeah, go figure!), some are only open to the ones with the perfect GPA, and the others require a specific degree specialization. At this point, you’re just about telling yourself that you’re going to apply for that summer job at the local mall.

3. The frustration


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At this point, the helplessness and frustration kick in and your inner demons start to show. You’re like the summer version of the christmas grinch. You aren’t sure how you’re going to land that life-changing, career-altering internship.

4. The resume


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Now even before you think of applying, you first have to update that old, forgotten, list of accomplishments and proficiencies called a resume.

Knowing full well that you’re competing with thousands of other candidates, beefing up your resume becomes your most important mission in life.

5. The cover letter


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It’s time to apply, but wait! There’s a pesky, little thing called a cover letter that turns out to be a thorn in your side. Your cover letter determines if your application even gets opened.

Before long, you’re burning the midnight oil, in search of perfection, and come up with your finest work yet.

6. The wait


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You’ve been through the grind, you’ve paid your dues, now it’s up to fate. You wait expectantly, with your nerves on the edge, with each passing day for that elusive confirmation assuring you of an internship.

You pray to the gods, reflect on your karma and hope you’ve done nothing to mess it up.

7. The rejection


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Eventually the replies start to come in and it turns out that your best wasn’t good enough. Some of the places you applied to no longer have an availability.

You hate the phrase “We regret to inform you..”. Even more hatred is reserved for the ones that start out with promise but end up with a no, even though they try to be more polite.

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