7 Reasons To Intern In India This Summer 2017

Our interns at a park in Bangalore


With summer around the corner, it’s that time of the year where students and recent graduates are scrambling to find the perfect summer internship.


With opportunities dwindling back home and competition ever-increasing, finding that perfect internship can often be a nightmare. Some might even say that it’s a near impossibility with a lot of companies demanding prior work experience and a long list of qualifications for an internship.


Well, not entirely. International internships in developing countries are becoming increasingly popular as they offer tremendous hands-on experience.


Of late, one of the top countries of choice for such internships abroad, is India. This vast and rapidly developing nation in South Asia is a hub for work experience with a global outlook.


Here are 7 reasons why a summer internship in India will be the experience of a lifetime:

1. It is one of the world’s fastest growing economies


The Mumbai skyline at night
Image credit: Vidur Malhotra

Being one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a rapidly developing nation, India is an economy of global focus that companies across the world are looking towards for their own growth.

As a part of this booming economy, you get unparalleled work experience that an internship elsewhere just cannot offer. This in turn, adds incredible value to your resume, while adding a new dimension to your proficiencies.

A fast paced, high growth economy like India, allows you to see things unfold right in front of you. You will be a part of the change that the country is continuously going through.

2. Work in global companies with a global outlook

Almost every major global corporate has its offices in India. From operations to R&D, customer support to software development, one can gain experience in a range of functions in different industries.

Interning for big name global multinational companies is sure to make you stand out from the rest of your peers. In addition, the hands-on experience you would get working in an environment like that of India, will be like no other.

3. Experience a diverse group of cultures all around you


Our interns after celebrating Holi


India is rich in diversity and is a mix of cultures and traditions, all living in perfect harmony.

Meeting people from different communities with different languages and traditions makes for an extremely educational experience to say the least. It’s like you’re visiting several smaller countries within the same country.

4. The unending varieties of food


If food is life, then India is the holy grail. Indian food is rich in taste from the savoury to the spices that have diverse origins resulting from a confluence of cultures over the years.

And worry not, well spiced food isn’t the same as hot food. From warm and rich flavours to savoury, tangy and sweet tastes, Indian food is sure to take you to a heavenly place.

5. History and heritage all around you


Our summer interns at the Gateway of India


A country as old as India has its history seeping in every nook and corner.

It is home to some of the greatest architectural feats of the world like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, India Gate, etc. Each of these places has a story rooted deep in history that only adds to their visual splendour.

Different kingdoms across centuries have left their mark in the form of these monuments, giving you a glimpse into the glorious past of India.

6. Exotic locations and breathtaking sights


Being such a vast and expansive country, India has varying landscapes that truly take your breath away. From the mountains of the North, to the beaches of the South, from the deserts of West, to the forests of the North-East, every single locale offers a unique experience.

And the best part? They’re all in the same country. You can experience the tropics, the rainforests, the mountains and the flatlands, all within the period of your internship.

7. The world-renowned hospitality of Indians


An intern with a local host


An ancient Sanskrit saying, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which translates as, ‘A guest is equivalent to God’, is the embodiment of Indian hospitality. To an Indian, it is a matter of pride and privilege to host a guest, who they treat as they would one of their own.

It is this warm openness that makes a trip to India so memorable. One gets to live and experience the country as a local, making an otherwise boring internship memorable.

As you can see, an internship in India is nothing short of life-changing. It is guaranteed to be one of the best summers of your life which will set you up for a bright professional career ahead. It offers you both, personal and professional growth, something which very few opportunities today do.


So what are you waiting for? Apply for the internship of a lifetime today!