5 Ways An International Internship In India Will Give Your Resume A Huge Boost

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International internships are all the rage today, but often times not for the best of reasons. Today they’re seen as glamorous alternatives to uninteresting internships back home, with the added element of fun, vacation, exotic travel and so on.


However, at the heart of a great internship is the work experience. Internships that provide the best of both, i.e. great professional work experience as well as an unforgettable personal experience, are what internships abroad were supposed to provide. Of late, it’s only the latter that they cater to, and unsuspecting students and graduates who are all too keen to have the best summer of their lives, fall prey to this type of thinking.


However, all international internships are not this way. Those in emerging markets like India, China and the rest of Asia, are some of the best places to gain experience that will set you apart from your peers.


Internships in India will particularly do wonders for you resume. Here are 5 ways in which an internship in India can give your resume a boost:

1. Hands-on experience in one of the world’s fastest growing economies

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Today, the Indian economy is one of global focus. Being one of the fastest growing economies of the world, every major company has its eyes set on this booming market.

Employers today, value people with exposure to the Indian market as it is dynamic and rapidly growing. With most global companies operating at least one if not several offices in India, and other companies looking to enter the market, it is no surprise then that candidates with experience in India are preferred over others.

2. Global exposure

An internship in India ensures that you get so see and experience things not just related to the Indian market but also to the global market.

Almost every major multinational company has an office or offices in India, and they work to serve customers across the world. As a result, you will not only get an understanding of the Indian market but also of various other global markets.

3. Real-world work experience

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Internships in India offer real-world work experience, something that is hard to find with internships back home. As a result, you develop industry-ready skills that you can leverage to appeal to a prospective employer.

Employers place a lot of value on experience, and an internship in India gives you a lot of practical experience.

4. Better problem-solving skills & the ability to adapt and improvise

Interning in a foreign country, particularly India, exposes you to a range of hard problems arising that need innovative solutions. You need to learn on the job and adapt quickly to situations that you may not have been exposed to before.

An internship in India, shows a prospective employer that you’re able to adapt and learn quickly. It also speaks volumes about your confidence in finding solutions to the hard problems.

5. Becoming a better team player with multicultural experience


India is a mix of many diverse cultures and the same reflects in your workplace. An international summer internship in India gives you work experience in a multicultural setting which helps you develop a better understanding of other people and the ability to work well in a team

It is this quality that makes you a desirable candidate in the eyes of anyone looking to hire you.

An internship in India offers many things including an unbeatable work experience, amazing travel experiences and the chance to learn and experience new cultures.


But more than anything else, it boosts your resume, and increases your value as a prospective employee.


At ConnectInc, we pride ourselves on our ability to place students in settings that offer the best professional as well as personal growth.


Apply now and we’ll show you all the amazing things that an international internship in India has to offer.