11 Industries in India to do an Internship in This Summer

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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the largest English speaking BRIC economy in Asia, making it a perfect choice for a summer internship.


But what types of internships are available, you may ask. Well lucky for you, we have a host of fields we offer internships in, in India:

1. Accounting & Finance

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Consisting of capital markets, non-banking financial companies and insurance, India’s financial services industry offers many opportunities in an abundance of finance and accounting focussed interests.

The growth of India’s financial sector is at 8.5 % per year. Today, India is acknowledged as one of the world’s most exciting markets.

2. Law

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With 1.4 million nationwide advocates, India’s law industry is one of the largest in the world. Although the laws are specific to India, the experience of writing and researching briefs will aid you in your future career as well as continued studies.

In fact, some laws span the globe, for instance, Intellectual Property Law. India is a leader in outsourcing the same, an almost 50-billion-dollars-a-year venture.

This incredible experience within their legal system will give you an advantage when applying at firms in the future.

3. Healthcare

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Healthcare has become one of India’s largest employment and revenue sectors. With highly competitive pricing options and an abundance of skilled medical professionals it has become a medical tourism destination.

Large hospitals offer all the same technology and tools of the hospitals you are used to. The industry is expected to grow to a whopping 280-billion-dollars-a-year market by 2020, more than doubling where it sits currently.

4. Information Technology

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A workforce 10 million strong, India is the world’s premier sourcing destination for IT. The demand has transformed India’s economy as well as changed perceptions of India as a global economy.

Intellectual capital is beginning to gain momentum as many global IT firms are moving their research and development centers to India. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India and is one of the startup capitals of the world.

5. Engineering

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In India’s quest to be a global superpower, it has made multiple strides towards improving its engineering sector. India became a permanent member of the Washington Accord in 2014, an international agreement on the mobility of engineers and the study of engineering.

With vastly growing cities the demand for engineers to create new infrastructure and contribute to industrial production has rocketed the industry.

6. NGO

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India is currently experiencing an NGO boom; there is 1 for every 600 people. The sheer multitudes of NGO’s ensure that there will be one with whatever specialty you seek.

Not all work with NGO means you will be placed in the middle of nowhere, many have their offices in India’s major metropolises.  We can customize your internship depending on what type of work with an NGO you would like to experience.

7. PR, Advertising and Marketing

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The advertising industry is projected to be the fastest growing market in Asia outside of China.  With the globe moving into a digital world, digital marketing is thriving exponentially.

In 2016, the Indian advertising industry saw a 13.3% growth rate and expected to match that rate again in 2017.

8. Business and Consulting

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A study presented by Assocham (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India) pegs India’s consulting sector to grow by 30 percent.

Well-informed guidance is a precious commodity, business people and companies rely on the counsel of skilled consultants for prosperity and growth.

With India’s emerging economy, many opportunities in these booming sectors are waiting for you!

9. Ecology and Environment


With more people becoming aware of the footprint we leave on the Earth the study of ecology and environmental science have grown into great significance.

While sustainability once was considered a luxury, in today’s world, it is becoming an essential priority.  Bangalore is home to over 4,000 startups, you will get a chance to get in on the ground floor of this emerging industry as it becomes a global priority.

10. Journalism

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India has over 1,000 newspapers printed in English. Around the world, the printed newspaper is dying, however in India it is flourishing.

The interns we have previously placed in the journalism sector have had the opportunity to receive bylines in their first week. There is no better way to entrench yourself in your new city and the culture of India than to write the country’s news.

11. Education


The education sector has always been a big draw for our interns. A population of 1.2 billion means millions of students with 1.4 million schools. India is second only to the US in the e-learning market.

The wide variety of types of schools means you could choose to work in a rural setting or in an upper class urban institution.

There you have it, just a few of our most popular internship sectors.  Now don’t worry if your chosen field was not included, we offer internship opportunities in many, many more areas.


ConnectInc offers a unique approach to finding internships for you. Instead of offering only select internships, we work with over 200 India based companies, we talk with you, find out what you are really looking for and work on finding a company with which your interests align.


So what are you waiting for, apply today!